Coffee Addict, Victoria

In a nutshell:

-a coffee shop that’s bucking the trend
-instagrammable interiors with a traditional coffee house feel. Come here for coffee catch ups, brunch and afternoon treats
-a favourite amongst business workers and locals in a saturated area
-situated on the original premises of Costa (1971) a stone’s throw away from Victoria Station … More Coffee Addict, Victoria

Playlist 4

Hello Snobs, Welcome to Playlist 4. Usually at the sight of a sunny Bank Holiday weekend, us Brits will be outside bearing all to the rays. However, times being different, I’ve curated this playlist to reflect those hazy sunny days and to bring a sense of chill and afternoon sun into your time at home. … More Playlist 4

Playlist 3

Hello you lot, Whatever you need today, tomorrow, this week; this playlist invites you loosen that tie, kick off those slippers, and feel free. Perhaps we can only leave the house once a day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some big shapes in your living room. This week’s playlist has a funky, feel-good … More Playlist 3

Playlist 2

Hello all you lovely lot, The second week of self-isolation brings a second helping of some sweet tunes for your coffee break. Whether you’re working from home or you’re no longer able to work; if you’re looking after or tutoring your kids – you’ve got this. Sending strength, joy and compassion to all. (If you … More Playlist 2

Coffee at home: where to buy your beans from right now

Life right now is slightly strange. There’s a lot going on and the outside world can seem slightly daunting. Even your favourite coffee shop that usually offers you respite is closing. But…fellow Snobs, this is your time. Your time to become the barista you always knew you’d be. More than that, you can support your local coffee shop in the meantime. … More Coffee at home: where to buy your beans from right now

Playlist 1

Hello, Welcome to playlist 1. This is happening in a bit of a mad week here in the UK – and the world – so I do hope the timing is fortuitous and it helps you in whatever way you need. Be it giving structure to your day if you’re working from home, lifting you … More Playlist 1