Coffee at home: where to buy your beans from right now

Life right now is slightly strange. There’s a lot going on and the outside world can seem slightly daunting. Even your favourite coffee shop that usually offers you respite is closing. But…fellow Snobs, this is your time. Your time to become the barista you always knew you’d be. More than that, you can support your local coffee shop in the meantime.

Picture taken at Rosslyn Coffee, London

I’ve listed a selection of independent UK roasters that offer coffee beans for you to buy online and brew at home. These are places that need your help now more than ever – they function as coffee shops as well as roasteries, so they’ve been directly hit by the situation. Some are also offering fantastic deals right now, all listed below.

Take a look and see which is best for you. I hope this is your window of opportunity to take your barista skills from ‘enthusiast’ to ‘world expert’, and that you take enjoyment from it in the meantime.

Origin, Cornwall – for the all rounders

Cornwall-based roasters, Origin have coffee shops in Cornwall and London, and their beans are served in some of the best coffee shops across the UK, so you can’t go wrong with a bag of beans from here. Plus right now they are doing 20% off all their online coffee with the code COFFEE20. Click here to find out more.

Kiss the Hippo, South West London – for the ethical ones

With their roastery and flagship cafe situated in Richmond, Kiss the Hippo have created waves waves in the coffee industry since opening in 2018. Now with a second shop in Fitzrovia, their quickfire success is a reflection of their undoubtable expertise. A great company with strong sustainable and ethical values. Have a look at their coffee, including their new subscription service, here.

Garage Coffee, Canterbury – for the East of England residers

A great coffee shop and roastery based in Canterbury, Kent. Buy coffee online, where they also have a subscription service. Right now they’re offering free delivery for all online orders over £10. Click here to buy.

La Bottega Milanese, Leeds – for the continental cafe culture lovers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my favourite coffee shop in the UK. Their coffee is smooth, rich…honestly treat yourself with a bag from this fantastic Leeds based company. Click here to buy their coffee online.

Story Coffee, South London – for the fika/Scandinavian lovers

A South London based company, Story Coffee is one of my favourites in the city and their coffee is outstanding. Buy their beans here.

Workshop Coffee, London – for the subscription lovers

Stalwarts in the roasting world, Workshop Coffee houses four of London’s top coffee shops. They also supply many coffee shops across the UK, including the Penny Bar at the Old Vic Theatre. Click here to buy their beans – and check out their subscription service too.

The Curator, Totnes – for the Italian lovers

My favourite coffee shop in Devon, this is Italian coffee at its finest. Choose from one of their blends here.

Caravan, London – for the flavour seekers

An excellent roastery in London, with a few coffee shops of impeccable standard around the city. Get 25% off their coffee all week online. Click here to view.

Bould Brothers, Cambridge – for the ones that want excellence every time

One of my all time favourites. Bould Brothers treat roasting and brewing coffee like a science, and the results are always magnificent. Click here to buy.

Rosslyn Coffee, London – for the stylish ones

A top coffee haunt in London – buy their beans to see what all the fuss is about. Click here to buy.

What else can I do?

-Buy their food. One of my favourites, Exploding Bakery in Exeter, is offering 25% off everything from their webshop. *This is including their traybakes* (they are seriously good). If you can’t make Mother’s Day, send her some freshly baked goods which are made right inside their shop in Exeter. Click here to buy.

-Buy vouchers. Like the opposite of an IOU, this is a sure way of showing some love towards your favourite coffee shop. Buy £10 or £20 so when you do go, you can invite all your friends and have a post-corona coffee party, celebrating social distancing closeness. Bould Brothers is particularly pushing for this right now. Support them by clicking here.

-Buy anything else from their online shops. Need a grinder? Origin can cater for that. Need a Kailta wave? Caravan does that. Need a cap? Bould Brothers do a particular nice one.

Stay safe, stay cool and stay passionate in this uncertain time.

The Snob x

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