Playlist 3

Hello you lot,

Whatever you need today, tomorrow, this week; this playlist invites you loosen that tie, kick off those slippers, and feel free. Perhaps we can only leave the house once a day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some big shapes in your living room. This week’s playlist has a funky, feel-good twist to it – merge that with your lockdown coffee of choice, and I hope it’ll give you something you’ve been craving for, whether that be freedom, a reason to switch off, alone time, space to process or bonding time with your iso-mates.

I came across this in an interview with Ai We Wei which gave me some clarity at this time:

Happiness, joy and excitement – you can find it in the smallest of places.

Click below to hear the funky beats:

Take care, stay at home and drink coffee,

The Snob x

Photo taken at Exploding Bakery, Exeter

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