A word from the Snob

Hello. My name is Louisa. I like coffee. More than that, I like coffee shops. I’m obsessed with the atmosphere, the people, the design and how it affects your cup of coffee. If all the bits line up, then it’s some kind of alchemy and the day is somehow infinitely better.

My job is currently taking me across the country, and I’ve found that the best way I get my bearings in a new place is by visiting a local coffee shop. The posts you see are only the ones that have stood out to me, so if you’re somewhere new and don’t see the place crop up on my blogs, please visit my instagram page or get in touch, as I may have been there.

Why Snob?

It is called Coffee Snob Blog because my friends think I’m a coffee snob. My answer to that is this: I drink one cup of coffee a day. So why settle for something forgettable and average when that one cup could be beautiful and life-changing (or at least day-changing). The blogs you see did just that.

Do enjoy. And do remember: I am just an avid enthusiast. You may think differently, and that is awesome (someone’s got to drink the ristrettos).

Ps. If there’s a coffee shop you think should be featured on here, tell me about it via the contact page. And visit my FAQs page for more information.