Cafe Direct: a coffee subscription I would actually use

I’ve never been a huge fan of subscription services. Eeking money out of your account each month, they become a silent vacuum in your financial vortex, demanding money for something you’ve perhaps already fallen out of love with. They shout and dance about how you are doing something good for the world and to be honest, it just gets a bit exhausting.

…you get the jist.

I don’t like subscriptions.

In terms of coffee subscriptions it’s usually a lucky dip each month, putting your faith in the roasters’ hands, so I could never understand why I’d why pay up to £12 a month on coffee I might not even enjoy.

Then I got talking to Cafe Direct. They completely changed my mind and here’s why. They do a subscription service based on the kind of notes you like in your coffee. You’re a bright and aromatic kind of gal? Perfect. A rich and chocolatey? Or you’re a total risk taker and want to discover some of the best microlot coffees from around the world? Go ahead, my friend.

“You’re a bright and aromatic kind of gal? A rich and chocolatey? Or you’re a total risk taker?”

It seems so simple, I wonder why hardly any other big coffee roasters haven’t caught onto this yet. Anyway, let me take you through what I was sent.

My coffee profile: rich and chocolatey

What I was sent: Sierra Mixteca Alta (notes: chocolate raisins, bergamot, apricot)

What I thought: It’s light and rich at the same time. Uplifting, almost floral-like but without the attached acidity. It fitted the brief of ‘rich and chocolatey’ but it wasn’t afraid to challenge the stereotype. And I think that’s exactly what a coffee subscription should do.


I also got sent some decaf from their subscription service.

What I was sent: Mexico Santa Teresa (notes: chocolate, maple syrup, hazelnut)

What I thought: While there isn’t an option to state your preferred flavour profiles, the bag of beans I got was undeniably excellent. If you’re an avid reader of my posts, you’ll know I take a keen interest in decaf and I can honestly say this is one of the best I’ve come across.

It’s similar to the smooth, caramel tones of the Caravan Roasters decaf, the chocolatey mellowness of the Kiss the Hippo decaf, the satisfying silkiness of the Gentlemen Baristas decaf. And it’s from Cafe Direct, a brand I’ve undoubtedly turned my nose up at in the aisles of Sainsbury’s.

Lesson learnt.

“It fitted the brief of ‘rich and chocolatey’ but it wasn’t afraid to challenge the stereotype. And I think that’s exactly what a coffee subscription should do”


This subscription service does exactly as I’d hoped it would do. Cater to my preferences, whilst opening up my palette just a little bit. It’s adventurous but within my boundaries. So I know each month I’ll be trying something new, but it won’t be a waste of money. Now THIS is a subscription I’d be up for – especially at a tasty £7.95/month.

And it’s worth saying that of course you can get their beans as one-off orders, too. Which means you can get your specialty coffee beans fresh from your local Sainsbury’s, without having to go online, or trek to that niche roastery on the end of the train line.

(But if you want the trek, they do have a lovely looking roastery in London Fields, East London…)

Want to get the beans online?

Find their Discovery range, their bright and aromatic range, their rich and chocolatey range, decaf range and many more on their website by clicking here.

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