The Playlist Series

Hi there,

I’ve got this playlist called ‘If I had a cafe…’ It’s basically full of songs I’d like to hear in a coffee shop, be it if I’m working or if I’m feeling a bit vibey on a coffee date. I’ve been adding to it for a few years and it’s got a lot of love from my friends, but mostly from my dad – he’s the front man of a rock’n’roll band, so I think that’s kudos enough.

So the time has come to share it with all you fellow Snobs. Each playlist will contain 8 tracks, making it the perfect length for your coffee break. It’s kind of funky, kind of groovy, perfect for sitting in the background if you’re on a working break, or if you want to turn it up a notch for a coffee get together.

So get brewing, and get grooving. I hope it makes your coffee taste even more fantastic, your work more enjoyable, your break more uplifting and your conversation more intoxicating.


The Snob x

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