Bould Brothers Coffee, Cambridge

In a nutshell:

-one of the best coffee shops in the UK

-welcoming, classy and continental

-great for hang outs, al fresco sipping and solo working

I toyed with the idea of writing a blog about this coffee shop because I didn’t honestly see the point: the name precedes itself and it clearly is the place to come for coffee in Cambridge. When going in for the second time, however, I could no longer resist. I adore this place and I just wanted to write about it.

Situated right in the middle of bustling Cambridge, with a gorgeous striped awning and fancy sign outside saying *as seen in vogue*, Bould Brothers cafe has a European, classy edge to it that I rarely see. Its atmosphere impels you to cancel all your plans for the rest of the day and sit outside the shop, eat a sweet treat al fresco and watch all the cyclists rush past you as you sip your coffee (just so you know, I couldn’t do that but maybe you could).

Its atmosphere impels you to cancel all your plans for the rest of the day and sit outside the shop, eat a sweet treat al fresco and watch all the cyclists rush past

It opened only just over two years ago, which is pretty amazing considering its stratospheric reputation. It was set up by two brothers, Max and Alex Bould, and from what I gleaned, their success is down to their passion for coffee, their focus on customer experience and their unwavering eye for quality and detail. Now it is plainly known around town (and beyond) that if you want to feel welcomed by awesome staff and have a damn fine cup of coffee, then come to Bould Brothers. Their success is also notable in the fact they are opening another branch in Cambridge – so keep an eye out.

The Coffee

From just drinking a latte, I became aware of the unusually perfect balance of flavours; the unusually perfect textured, creamy milk; the unusually perfect taste. Everything about my cup of coffee was unusually perfect.

Why does no one else make coffee like this?

…I asked myself.

I’d advise a trip to their website if you’re into this sort of thing. Their coffee-making magic is no happy accident – for starters, their baristas have at least 6 months training. They also take pride in looking into the science of coffee and they explain the 100-point scoring system (they regularly serve 90+ coffees); why each component is measured to the gram; the fact they double filter and then re-mineralise their water; and why this all makes a difference. I haven’t seen such a long scientific love letter to coffee since Colonna and Small’s in Bath.

It therefore comes as no surprise that their very own Bould Brothers Coffee is roasted in Bath by Colonna and Small‘s. Two very different coffee shops who share an eye for quality and mathematical detail. The collaboration between the two really has created something extraordinary. Grab one of their blends via the website here. (Also worth a look to feast your eyes on the top of the range coffee accessories, from a £200 hand grinder, to an olive wood coffee server, to even a Bould Brothers cap.)

(I want a cap.)

Everything about my coffee was unusually perfect. Why does no one else make coffee like this?

I went a few times in the week and every single coffee I had was consistent and exceedingly good. Note, they sell ‘The Magic’ which is essentially a triple shot flat white. My friends with a higher caffeine threshold were really impressed and danced off the walls all day long.

All In All

Be aware that this is Cambridge’s worst kept secret – everyone knows how great it is, so its doors are nearly always bursting with customers. Downstairs, sit on the window table as you wait for your takeaway coffee (be prepared to wait a bit if it is busy), or if you stay they have a gorgeous room upstairs for seating. Beautiful artwork, lampshades that look like the bottom of a custard tart (no really, see the picture at the top) and the stunning theme of blue and white. It breathes calmness into your day. Even though inside it is busy, there is an air of peace, order and ease. What a joyous alchemy of perfection.

Things to know:

-Food available including freshly made sandwiches, pastries and cakes


-Outdoor seating

-Music: Chilled, laid back, think Lullaby by Atlas Bound (click on link to open in Spotify)

-Opening Hours: 8-5:30pm (Mon-Sat); 10-4:30pm (Sun)


-Address: 16 Round Church Street, Cambridge CB5 8AD

Things recommended nearby:

Fitzbillies (gorge your way through one of their infamous Chelsea buns)

-Take in the beautiful colleges with either a tour or a casual stroll


Cambridge Arts Theatre

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