Corner Coffee, Cardiff

In a nutshell:

-an unbeatable coffee shop in a competitive city centre

-exceptional coffee expertise

-ideal place for a gossip or to get some work done

If you’re in Cardiff, perhaps you won’t be surprised to hear that it is known to have the most amount of speciality coffee shops in a smaller city. Walking around, you’re not hard pressed to find an alternative to a coffee chain. Though all of them produce good coffee, I found only Corner Coffee to deliver to all my tastes: great coffee, friendly staff and a laid back, welcoming atmosphere.

Attention to detail reigns supreme here and human error doesn’t seem to exist: every single cup of coffee is perfect (I had 8)

Based right in the city centre, on the corner of Castle Quarter and opposite the Castle itself, Corner Coffee is a perfect pit-stop for a day out in the city. The one word I’d use to describe this place is ‘cool’. The staff are cool, the customers are cool, and the decor is cool, even down to the ‘open/close’ sign on the door. Attention to detail reigns supreme here and human error doesn’t seem to exist: every single cup of coffee is perfect (I had about 8 here this week).

Inside it is apparent you are in a city coffee shop – it doesn’t have the slow charm or the coffee community feel you might hope for in a small town, but this is not what this place is about. It is quick, efficient, and meets your needs ten fold. Laptop-framed meetings; one on one meet ups; and solo coffee drinkers came here each day, and it has an air that inspires productivity – for me, it is the ideal place to either have a gossip or get some work done.

The Coffee:

I really can’t fault the coffee here. It is some of the best coffee I’ve had this year. Everything from the blend they use, to the consistency of the milk foam, it was always perfect. You can choose to tailor your coffee, with four options for espresso and four for filter. But I’d say definitely give their own blend a try – it’s brilliant.

The Food:

Everything you’d expect from a modern, over-achieving city-based coffee shop they do here: brunch options (only Fri-Sun), sandwiches and cakes, all to a very high standard – and all freshly made. (Sandwiches available 11:30-3:30pm, and brunch available 10-3pm Fri-Sun)

All in All:

An absolute antidote to what can be quite an overwhelming city for coffee. Some places here take coffee so seriously that it can be quite intimidating, and the overt ‘style’ that seems to come with coffee shops over-shadows the substance of what truly matters. Fortunately, Corner Coffee hasn’t lost sight of this, and they effortlessly deliver on all levels, making a visit here feel like a calm retreat away from the battling coffee shops elsewhere.

It’s like a corner of heaven, of calm, and of clarity.

It sits modestly on the corner, brandishing its awning and (if weather allows) you will be bathed in sunlight as you sip your coffee on the outside seating, watching the city roll past. It’s like a corner of heaven, of calm, and of clarity. Come here for a caffeine kick, you won’t be disappointed. And like me, perhaps you’ll go back again, and again, and again…(and beat my 8 coffees in a week).

Things to know:

-great spot to work in

-WiFi available

-alternative milk options (including Oatly)

-range of coffee making methods available, including aeropress

-outdoor seating

-sandwiches available 11:30-3:30pm; brunch available Fri-Sun 10-3pm

-Opening times: 8-6pm (Mon-Fri); 8:30-6pm (Sat); 10-5pm (Sun)


-Location: 13 High Street, Cardiff, CF10 1AX

Recommended places nearby:

Bute Park

Cardiff Castle

New Theatre, Cardiff

Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club

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