Bond Street Coffee, Brighton

In a nutshell:
-unbeatable coffee expertise
-cool, trendy, welcoming to all
-sociable and a strong coffee community

If you’re living in or visiting Brighton, you’ll probably know you don’t need to come to a speciality coffee blog to find a good coffee shop. They are EVERYWHERE here. Just like your Waitrose Essentials Caviar, latte art and international coffee expertise come as part of your flat-pack furniture set-up here.

If I could sway your thoughts, however, may I direct to you Bond Street Coffee. On Bond Street, opposite the Stage Door of the Theatre Royal, and surrounded by mouth-watering inducing interior gift shops, you’ll find its traditional black exterior, almost like something out of Victorian London. Perhaps you don’t judge your books by their covers, but I do, and this exterior tells me their coffee is going to be seriously good.

On Bond Street…you’ll find its traditional black exterior, almost like something out of Victorian England…a mixture of a Victorian cobblers and a beach shack. Black decking along the walls, low lighting and a feeling of peace and space.

As soon as you walk in you get the sense theses guys take coffee very seriously. The decor is like a mixture of a Victorian cobblers and a beach shack. Black decking along the walls, low lighting, and a feeling of peace and space. As I pondered over the pastries, I overheard discussions amongst the staff about Horsham’s latest Nigerian natural washed coffee. Each staff member responded with genuine interest and excitement – it’s a passion here and you can taste this in the coffee they serve, which is made perfectly every time, from the way they measure the beans to the gram, to the care they take over latte art (I had about 7 in one week and they never let me down). I was there one day when a girl was learning from another barista. She kept doing it wrong, but they didn’t serve it. They did it again and again until she got it right. I loved this. Quality every time, even if it’s from the new barista, or the one who’s worked there for years. There’s a real coffee community here. People come in asking about what blends are on offer for their morning espresso*; staff enter into conversations with customers about tasting notes, and the latest offerings from Horsham coffee; there’s a general hubbub that assures you that if you like coffee you’ve come to the right place.

*Don’t let that put you off though – the staff are hugely attentive and will help you find the right one for you.

The Coffee:

‘I’d say this is the perfect latte’

As always, I started off with a latte here. The density of the foam, the artwork, the balance of flavours – it was all completely over-achieving. I’d say this is the perfect latte – it manages to be smooth while giving a slight kick at the same time. Taste your way through the different blends on offer, which change regularly. Or (like me) just trust the experts and let them do the blend for you. The beans they use are from Horsham Coffee Roaster.

Although it’s not a full on food menu, the food here is fantastic. It’s mainly sweet treats which are made fresh each day in house (sometimes a tray of oaty gooey-ness just out of the oven might come out as you place your order, wafting its sweetness into the shop). Lots of it is vegan. The croissants here are a personal favourite, having had the cheese/tomato, and the cheese/ham.

All in all, a hugely satisfactory place to come, whether it be for a meeting, a hang out, a date with oneself, or a hunker down after soaking up the many vintage shops in Brighton. The vibe is quite trendy (when passing it my friend remarked whether people get paid to sit outside), but don’t let that put you off – all are welcome here.

Things to know:

-great choice of coffee accessories, including Aeropress implements and filters
-some outside seating available
-alternative milk options

Address: 15 Bond Street, Brighton, BN1 1RD


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